Pharisee's Web Pages

        You're about to enter my web site.... My name is John Ward but a lot of folks know me as 'Pharisee', the name (or 'handle') I use for most of my internet stuff. You'll find out a bit more about me inside.

        What I am not is a web page designer as this feeble attempt at a web site will attest. I've just about got to grips with the basic HTML codes and that's about it. To do all the twiddly bits I use CoffeeCup HTML editor. It seems to work quite well.

        This is just a front page and not a very exciting one, I'm afraid. I haven't found a button for 'Exciting' yet but I keep looking on eBay in the hope that one day, I'll find one. When I do, I'll use EZsniper to make sure I win it!!

To enter my site, just 'click' somewhere on the fishy picture below. Thank you for coming this far.

Last updated 25/11/2017